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Children’s Dentistry in Aylesbury

2015 March 20
by Sanjay Narda

Why 50% of children should NOT have dental decay.

A news item today caught our eye. In it, it stated that whilst children’s oral health was improving, rates of dental decay in 12 year olds still topped 50%.

Even in different children’s age groups, and in different parts of the country, rates still topped well over 30%. This, apparently, is an improvement on previous figures!

Whilst we welcome any improvement in children’s oral health, there really is no reason why rates should be so high.

At the Bank House Dental Centre, based near the town of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, we pride ourselves on dental care for all ages, from the very youngest to the oldest. With modern knowledge and oral health care, these rates of decay simply should not happen.


Looking at the causes of tooth decay in young children, there are a number of potential factors which may lead to this high incidence of decay.

Knowledge – It is possible that parents are not aware of the potential damage to their children’s teeth that is caused by many foods, especially the foods that children like to eat.

Whilst we have all given in to our children in their requests for sweets, perhaps for our own peace and quiet, continually allowing an unlimited amount of sweets can only do harm to the child’s teeth. Sweets should, therefore, really only be given for special treats.

Juices – Understandably, many parents are giving their children fruit juices as a ‘healthy’ option. There are two thing to note here; firstly, some products label as fruit juices have high levels of added sugar in them to appeal to children’s palettes.

Secondly, even entirely natural juices contain natural sugars and acids which will damage the enamel of the teeth, increasing the risk of decay. For general thirst, water is the best option for children or perhaps a dilution of their favourite juice to help make it a little more appealing.

Brushing – We all know that brushing our teeth is important. We also know how easily distracted children can be, especially at bedtime. For this reason, it is important to supervise the brushing of teeth for smaller children. Doing this helps to ensure that a good brushing routine is established and on one which will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

Professional dental care – Even with a good diet and regular brushing, decay can occur. For this reason, it is important that children see a local dentist on a regular basis. By doing so, any small amounts of decay can be treated early on, avoiding the need for more invasive treatment when the child is in pain.

If your child has not seen a dentist for some time, please call the Bank House Dental Centre now on 01844 343381 and allow us to check their oral health.

Remember, prevention is far better than cure!

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