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Dental New Year Resolutions

2015 January 2
by Sanjay Narda

Ways to improve your smile in 2015 at Bank House Dental Centre.

Some of us will, perhaps, have made a number of New Year Resolutions; possibly to become fitter or lose weight. One of the most easily achievable ones which can be made though, is to improve your smile.

With the modern cosmetic dental procedures available at our Princes Risborough dental practice, a new smile in just a short period of time is highly achievable and can make a dramatic positive change, not only to your appearance but also possibly your life.

A number of pieces of research have shown that those who have a great smile generally find it easier to find relationships and also have more successful careers. Whilst we can’t guarantee this, of course, we can certainly help you along the way by improving your smile.

We will take a look in more detail at the various cosmetic dental procedures that we have on offer in later blogs, but, for now, here is a brief introduction to some of our more popular procedures that are available to patients, not only from Princes Risborough, but also surrounding places such as Chinnor and Thame.

Replacement teeth

If you have a missing tooth, especially a visible front one, it goes without saying that this will detract from your smile.

Whilst a partial denture is one option available to patients, more and more people are now turning to dental implants. Not only do these have the appearance of a natural tooth, but, because they are placed into the jawbone, they are also extremely strong.

In fact, once placed, dental implants can be treated in exactly the same manner as a natural tooth and require no additional cleaning or care, making them also more convenient than dentures.

Adult orthodontics

If you have a full set of teeth but some of them are crooked, this too will perhaps cause you to hesitate before smiling more. As a smile is important as an icebreaker, a great smile can help open up opportunities for you.

Our patients will be pleased to know that there are now a number of discrete options available to reposition crooked teeth and the old style ‘train track’ braces are no longer used.

At Bank House Dental Centre we use three types of adult orthodontics, the choice of which will be decided following your consultation with our dentist.

Whether Fastbraces, 6 Month Smiles or the Inman Aligner are used though, we are convinced that you will be delighted at your new, even teeth once the procedure is complete.

Teeth whitening

Finally, with a full set of even teeth, why not take advantage of our teeth whitening procedures? We offer two options; one of which is performed in house and one which can be used at home.

We are happy to help you choose the most suitable method to use to bring the whiteness back to your teeth.

For more information about these procedures or for general enquiries about your dental care, please call Bank House Dental Centre on 01844 343381.

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