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Cosmetic Dental Care For All

2015 March 12
by Sanjay Narda

Accessing modern dentistry in smaller towns in Buckinghamshire.

Cosmetic dentistry is now, no longer restricted to just the rich and famous. The smiles that we see everyday on film stars and other celebrities, are now available to the rest of us too.

This is excellent news if you live in a large city, but what about those who are not so conveniently  situated; where do they go?

The likelihood is that smaller dental practices in these towns will only provide a limited range of cosmetic dental procedures, if any at all. This means then, that patients may need to travel instead.


Let’s take someone looking for a cosmetic dentist in Wendover, for example. Wendover is a small town based at the bottom of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire.

Within its population of around eight thousand will, inevitably include some who are interested in having dental implants or teeth whitening for example, in order to improve the aesthetic aspect  of their teeth.

Because of the size of Wendover, many potential patients will, almost certainly,  look outside of their own town to widen their choice.

At the Bank House Dental Centre, we are conveniently situated for these patients. In addition to dental implants, we also offer a wide range of other procedures which may be of interest.

These include the Six Month Smile, a fast acting orthodontic system, root canal treatment and, of course, the ever popular tooth whitening procedure.

By offering a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures, patients looking for dental implants in Wendover may also be delighted to discover that we can offer many more procedures that will be beneficial to them.

More than just convenient

Although it is, of course, more convenient to visit the dentist that is situated most closely to you, this is not always the best choice.

Although some may be happy with their local dentist, many patients now recognise that their oral health is extremely important and are happy to look around at the options available.

Because of our geographical position in Buckinghamshire, not only has the Bank House Dental Centre seen an increase of patients from Wendover, but also from other smaller villages such as Great Missenden.

So if you are looking for a convenient cosmetic dentist but there is no option in your town or village, we are always happy to see you and discuss your requirements. We are sure that you will find us not only excellent in the services that we offer you, but a warm and friendly dental practice too.

Please call us now on 01844 343381.

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