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Restoring Chipped and Broken Teeth

2015 April 28
by Sanjay Narda

From minor chips to major damage, broken teeth should not be ignored.

Whilst breaking a tooth can feel quite dramatic at the time, unless pain is felt afterwards, it can be tempting to leave it just as it is, especially if it is not a visible tooth.

Minor chips to a tooth are even more likely to result in this approach, but our dentist based near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, highly recommends that this is a problem that should not be ignored.


One of the most immediate effects that might be felt following a broken tooth, and presuming that there is no immediate pain, is that of a sharp edge which can cut or graze the inside of the cheek, lips or tongue.

This can be uncomfortable and is likely to be noticeable on an almost daily basis. If ignored, there is also a possibility of infection occurring in these areas.


One of the most likely outcomes of a broken tooth is dental decay. Even if pain does not strike immediately after the breakage, there is every chance that it will happen later on. The fact is that it is the enamel on the teeth which protects the dentin, the softer inner part, and it is this that is most likely to become infected, causing decay and toothache.


At the Bank House Dental Centre near Aylesbury, we will examine your damaged tooth so that an informed decision can be made as to the best form of treatment. For minor chips, these may be repaired using composite bonding, or, if it is a visible front tooth with more significant damage, possibly a dental veneer. A dental crown is another alternative for badly damaged teeth, particularly those which need to be strong for the biting process as well as for appearance.

If you have broken a tooth, even if it not causing you any pain, you should have it checked by a dentist as soon as possible and not simply hope that it will remain pain free.

Please call the Bank House Dental Centre today on 01844 343381.

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