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Are you tired of being unhappy with your teeth?

2018 September 10
by Sanjay Narda

We have so many new patients coming to see us who are unhappy with the way their teeth look. When you are unhappy with your teeth it can affect your confidence, the way you smile and the way you come across to other people. Without realising it, you can start to cover your mouth when you talk, subtly moving your lips to hide your teeth and sometimes avoiding social situations all together.

Luckily, we can help and there are so many things we can offer, depending on the problem of the individual.

  1. Whitening discoloured teeth. We offer safe and effective tooth whitening to help lift off years of staining and discolouration to transform the look of the teeth. Tooth whitening is one of the quickest and simplest ways to improve the look of the teeth but can also make you look years younger.
  2. Straightening crooked teeth. Fixed “train track” braces are not the only option anymore! Orthodontics has moved on so much in recent years meaning that you can have discreet and removable braces that can align the teeth in a few months. Not only do straight teeth look better, they are also easier to clean, which helps to keep them healthy.
  3. Replacing missing teeth. There are many options available to you when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dentures, bridges and implants are all available with implants being the most popular option.
  4. Replacing old fillings and crowns. Over the years, silver fillings can become mottled and grey and gums can recede revealing dark margins around crowns. These can look unsightly but can be replaced for white fillings and new crowns depending on suitability.
  5. Red looking gums. If your gums are red and inflamed, or if you notice plaque and tartar around your teeth, it is likely that they need a thorough clean. When we talk about cleaning in this way, it is not something you can achieve at home as there aren’t any products that can help you once they get to this stage

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look because of one of the reasons above, or any other reason, then call us to book an appointment on 01844 343381 or visit our dental practice in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. We are within easy access from Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Thame and the surrounding areas.

Dr Sanjay Narda

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