Bank House Patient Testimonials

Kiran Sharma

Marilyn Essex

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my tooth implant, completed in April. I am delighted with the finished result, which feels very natural and looks just as if it were my own tooth. I would like to thank Sanjay for his expertise and encouragement in making the experience one that anyone can confidently undertake without being in the least worried or apprehensive.

Suzanne Lee-Barnes

Janet Lancaster

.......Thank you for my new smile!

RA Scott-Smith

One of the old wives’ tales most of us believe must be true is that of the dreaded root canal work and its attendant agonies.

Well, it just isn’t so. Nobody, repeat nobody, could have been more scared than I was when I was told a month ago that it was either that or extraction…I asked around. One friend said, in a meaningful way “ It wasn’t very nice”. Another said it wasn’t too bad at all. So I went back to talk it through with Sanjay.

He reassured me that these days plenty of analgesia is used unlike the bad old days that gave rise to the horror stories. So, a week or so later I presented myself at the surgery complete with a squadron of butterflies.

To my relief it was just as I’d been promised, 99.9% painless, not the sort of thing you you’d want every day, but nothing like I’d imagined it to be.

So, if you’re like me, a total coward cursed with a vivid imagination, go ahead. You’ll be really glad you did.    

Zoe Fredricks

Just to thank you for all the work you have put into making my implant and crown successful. I can smile again confidently!

Robert and Jacquie Barcilon

What can I say - you have looked after us with great care ......... we are very,very lucky.

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